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 Read here before posting!!!

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PostSubject: Read here before posting!!!   Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:14 am

Provided by Jonxy

As we can't set it up so the donator rank it is given to you after you have donated we must have proof as we need to do it ourselfs. No proof - No rank.

You must take a PrintScreen for proof that the money has been sent. If you show us a picture of you about to send the money your rank will not be granted. It must be after and prove that you have sent the money.

If you know how to take a PrintScreen and how to upload as a picture to forums then do not need to read on.

If you don't know where the PrintScreen button is then look below:

Press this button when your internet browser is open on the webpage showing that you have donated. You will only need to press it once.

Now go to Paint and paste it in.

If you don't know how to paste the picture in then look below:

Once you have pressed that button scroll over to the white area, right click and press paste. The image will already be copied as that is what PrintScreen does.

Save as Donated in a folder you will remember as we will need to go back to it later.

Now to upload it to the internet...

You will need to go to ImageShack to upload it. (click the url link)

Look below to find out how to use ImageShack:

I am using Google Chrome so your 'Choose File' button may be in a different place, all the same click that button and go to where you saved Donated and double click it.

You don't have to put you email in so ignore that bit.

Where it says 'resize image?' scroll down and choose '640x480 (for message boards)' and make sure the box to the left is ticked.

ignore where it says 'remove size/resolution bar from thumbnail?' as we will not be using a thumbnail.

Now to click host it!

If that worked you should now be at this screen:

Click the area i have highlighted in red.

You should now be seeing this screen:

But it will have the image you picked instead of the image i'm using. Go down to where it says forum and copy the code, it should look a little something like this:
Don't worry if it doesn't, it will work

Post in your own thread to show that you have Donated and your rank will soon be on its way!
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Read here before posting!!!
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