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PostSubject: HTML TUT 2   Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:03 pm

Ok welcome to my second tutorial on html coding sorry for skipping some things but i wanna get yall to php as fast as i can.
So here is the code:


<p> On this one i will teach you about some other commands</p>
<br />
<a href="http://www.bloodvengeance.ipbfree.com/index.php?act=idx">
Best Runescape Server Out!</a>
<br />
<p> this is an img code <p>
<br />
<img src="constr4.gif" width="144" height="50" />
<br />
<hr /> <!-- this creates a horizontal line across the page-->
<p> You also can use differnt types of lettering. Like this! <p> <!--This is a comment, i will use these often-->
<p><i>This is italic</i></p>
<br />
<p><b>This is Bold</b></p>
<br />
<p> There are many more type you can use im just to lazy to write them all</p>
<br />
<hr />
<p> This part will be for abbreviatiosn and acronyms</p>
<abbr title="United Nations">UN</abbr>
<acronym title="World Wide Web">WWW</acronym>

<p>The title attribute is used to show the spelled-out version when holding the mouse pointer over the acronym or abbreviation.</p>

<p>This only works for the acronym element in IE 5.</p>

<p>This works for both the abbr and acronym element in Netscape 6.2.</p>
<br />
<p>Well thats the end Please take note that space in your code dont show up when its used. Hope That this helped
courtesy of shad0w</p>


Ok now to explain all this lol
<br />
This means "break line"So that it will skip to the next line then show your next code.

<a> and </a>
This is to show a link by looking at you see that in the code there is href="http://www.thesite.com" well that href is basically defining the site that your gonna be sent to. I will go into more detail on another tutorial!

I will explain this on later its um confusing....

<hr />
Well what this code does is create a horizontal line across the screen

<b></b> and <i></i>
These are two different types of text basically <b>bold</b> and <i>italic</i>
I dont think to much explanation is needed for these.....

Abbreviation and acronym
I never understood the difference between the two so i put both. Well what this does is allow you to put abbreviations on your page. But still have people know the meaning.All they have to do is scroll their cursor over it and they will see wat the abbreviation means.You will notice title= this is just defining the real title.

There you go thats all dont forget to comment on all my tutorials to keep them alive!
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PostSubject: Re: HTML TUT 2   Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:40 pm

nice tut shad0w
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