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 Satan's Programs

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PostSubject: Satan's Programs   Fri Mar 20, 2009 8:12 pm


Satan's CMD Bypasser


Pretty self explanatory... It bypasses CMD allowing you to use CMD at places that have it blocked (school, work, cafe, etc.)
Version 2.0 comes with a Shitload of methods to bypass it, incase the one in 1.0 didn't work....

Satan's CMD Bypasser 1.0
Rapidshare: http://fc5bdd5c.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://217bb6f7.thesefiles.com

Satan's CMD Bypasser 2.0
Rapidshare: http://9d6e4ecc.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://aeff0157.thesefiles.com

Satan's CMD Notepad 1.0


Satan's CMD Notepad is a Special version of CMD that Looks EXACTLY like notepad!!
Trick people (Or teachers, bosses, etc) into thinking your using notepad when really your in CMD doing god knows what Razz

See it in action here: http://i44.tinypic.com/5y713k.jpg

Rapidshare: http://f6dc81f2.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://8eedfac5.thesefiles.com

Satan's Portable Admin CMD 1.0


Satan's Portable Admin CMD allows you to carry around and use CMD Whenever You Want, Wherever You Want!!!

This special portable version of CMD has been specially modified to Automatically bypass the
"Administration Privileges"
problem that you usually run into when using CMD on a machine that blocks CMD.
....Did i mention this version is portable??
....Portable AND Bypasses Administration Privileges??

Rapidshare: http://826d85a0.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://a36583b3.thesefiles.com

Satan's Secret Stash


Satan's Secret Stash Is a program that allows you to create a hidden, password protected folder Anywhere on your pc!!
The difference between this program and many others alike it is that this one is COMPLETELY FREE!!!

Another thing that differs this program from the rest and makes it better is that it's Completely hidden, and doesn't use some of the crap methods other programs use, like turning it into a recycle bin or anything.

This program hides your Stash in Pure Stealth!!!

Version 2.0 Allows you to use your own password instead of using the previous built in one....

Satan's Secret Stash 1.0
Rapidshare: http://ca73ea1e.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://614d9363.thesefiles.com

Satan's Secret Stash 2.0
Rapidshare: http://3d0d6618.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://cbc13ab8.thesefiles.com

Satan's Ultimate PC Cleaner 1.0


Satan's Ultimate PC Cleaner will clear your system of the crap old un-used files that it doesnt need, giving you a nice chunk of space back Smile

Don't worry, this is not a malicious program and will not harm your pc in Any way!! (eg. Deleting files you need). This will simply clear your system of the following files when they are not being used...

Will also clear old crap in the prefetch
Delete your recently used files (in your profiles settings, not delete your Actual files >.>)
Delete your cookies
Clear the temp folder
And Clear your temporary internet files

So as you see, it won't delete anything you Need Smile
And if any of the files are currently in use, it will skip them

NOTE: Close all programs, browsers, etc. When cleaning to make sure it cleans everything thoroughly.

Rapidshare: http://db04fddb.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://13d80c15.thesefiles.com

Satan's AV Killers


Savk-Safe = Will just kill all running Av's, Firewalls, Anti-Spyware, etc.
It will not do any physical harm to your computer that can't be fixed with a quick computer restart.

Savk-Deadly = Will do the same as safe by killing everything, BUT deadly will also attempt to destroy the installation directories of each, as well as their reg files. This WILL do physical damage to the computer and to fix it you would need to re-install the AV, Firewall, Anti-spyware, etc. As well as do a ton of reg fixes....You have been warned Smile

Savk-Deadly 1.0
Rapidshare: http://f97b5a86.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://4f8e0882.thesefiles.com

Savk-Deadly 2.0
Rapidshare: http://71b68c57.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://78773b0b.thesefiles.com

Savk-Deadly 3.0
Rapidshare: http://b88142c1.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://7673549f.thesefiles.com

Savk-Safe 1.0
Rapidshare: http://b51209c3.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://d47e6feb.thesefiles.com

Savk-Safe 2.0
Rapidshare: http://7459f496.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://9cdd06ad.thesefiles.com

Savk-Safe 3.0
Rapidshare: http://d3bb01b5.thesefiles.com
Megaupload: http://29a7fd23.thesefiles.com

Enjoy guys....
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Satan's Programs
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